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Our clients at Nutrilite had a problem… they needed a dynamic video to announce their partnership with soccer powerhouse AC Milan, but they didn’t have any specific assets with which to accomplish it.

We offered a creative solution, by tapping into their archives and collecting any and all stills and video that we could find. We delivered a compelling graphics-based spot, supplemented with unique sound design, that satisfied and impressed both the people at Nutrilite and AC Milan.

Following up on this relationship, we crafted additional videos to show how the products had been integrated with the team, as well as promotional spot to play at the team’s home, Stadio San Siro, during all matches.

Our partnership continued in the product launch spots, for multiple European and Asian markets. As well as shooting stills and video assets concurrently.


All Plant Protein Powder was already NUTRILITE’S best selling supplement worldwide. But NUTRILITE isn’t the world’s leading brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplement without constant improvement. We created new product launch videos for US, Asia, Europe, and Latin American markets showcasing the new even better product refresh.

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